A Seattle tourist who snapped a photo of a couple getting engaged wanted to find them after he had to rush aboard a bus before getting their information.

So he went on Reddit to find the mystery could.

Redditor serg82 says he was visiting Seattle on Valentine’s Day when a tour group he was part of traveled to Kerry Park in the early afternoon. The tour group was packing up, when serg82 just happened to spot a young man bend on one knee to propose to his girlfriend. Serg82 quickly snapped a quick photo.

“The tour bus was about to leave, and I was the last person to get on board,” Serg82 said. “But I was able to snap a photo of the moment before I got back on the bus.”

Shortly after 9:00 p.m. Monday, Cristina Acuna contacted Q13 FOX and said she and her fiance Tyler Doyle are the pair in the photo.

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“My name is Cristina Acuna and I’m the girl who got engaged in Valentine’s Day. I can’t believe someone got this picture. This is an incredible shot. I would love to get a copy of this picture if possible.”

Q13 FOX is now putting the couple in contact with the person who snapped the photo.

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