Toddler's Pablo Escobar costume sparks Halloween debate on Facebook

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Instead of saying trick-or-treat, one little boy this year may be saying plata o plomo (money or lead) when he knocks on doors for his candy.

A toddler dressed up for Halloween as infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar has sparked debate on the Internet over whether or not the costume was in good taste.

The photo, which first appeared on the Facebook page of the entertainment website Break, shows a young boy with a fake mustache and tiny Hawaiian shirt and carrying a fake gun and a briefcase with a wad of money sticking out.

In the background, an adult male can be heard laughing loudly at the child's Halloween outfit and giving him a fist bump. The clip, which has been shared over 150,000 times, generated a slew of comments – both deriding the choice of costume and defending the boy's parents.

"This kid's parents are stupid," Facebook user Sebastian Saldivar wrote. "Pablo Escobar was not only a brutal druglord, but he caused a reign of terror all over Columbia [sic]. He's guilty of blowing up buildings, kidnapping children and committing other acts of terror and violence in response to the government's attempts to reel in his organized crime racket."

Escobar, who was gunned down on a rooftop in 1993 in his hometown of Medellín at the age of 44, was responsible for thousands of death and the rise of the modern cocaine trade. At the height of his power, he is estimated to have had a net worth of $30 billion.

Some Facebook users, however, say that the furor over the costume is overblown and that some traditional Halloween costumes are just as bad – if not worse – than Pablito.

"I see parents dress their kids up as the devil for Halloween all the time. No one trips, they just say, 'Awww such an adorable little devil', but y'all want to trip over Pablo Escobar?!" Facebook user Haki Bakari wrote.

Bakari added: "So the spiritual being who constantly tried to tempt human souls into possible eternal damnation isn't as bad as Pablo Escobar?! People, you can't pick and choose, if you're gonna trip about one thing, trip about the other."

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