Teen taking video selfie attacked by angry peacock at Mexican resort

Talk about a bird-brained idea.

A U.S. teen on vacation with her family in Cancún, Mexico, decided to take a video of her dancing and grooving in front of a local peacock.

The peacock at first looks fairly relaxed as Jazmine Casal poses near the bird and performs some dance moves. She even points to the peacock, rocks back and forth to the music and sticks her tongue out at the bird. For its part, the peacock hardly seems to notice at first.

But things turned ugly real fast.

Casal and the bird make momentary eye contact, and then peacock attacks the girl. Casal screams and twists away from the angry bird as her father is heard saying, “Told you" – in reference to his off-camera warnings about messing about with a wild peacock.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Casal – who suffered no serious harm from the attack besides a few scratches and some teasing from her family – said she was surprised that the bird attacked.

“The peacock was hanging around us near the pool at the resort we were at, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do some filming,” she said. “I started off filming my younger sister with the peacock. She didn't get as close as I did, and luckily she didn't get attacked. Then I got close to the bird and started filming myself.”

Casal added: “My dad warned me that it would attack me, but I thought that the worst that could happen would be a little peck. I took another video before this one that I wasn't satisfied with, so I took another one, and that's when the peacock attacked me.”

“I showed the rest of my family the video, and we couldn't stop laughing,” the teenager said.

At least Casal was able to keep a sense of humor about the incident. Posting images from the video to her Instagram account, Casal wrote, "Special thanks to the peacock for changing my life forever ... God forbid you take a selfie dancing video with one!"

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