Piñata of nude Kim Kardashian turns tiny Mexican shop into international sensation

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Kim Kardashian arrived in Reynosa, Mexico – as a piñata

The Kim Kardashian ‘Break the Internet’ picture that has circled around the world now has gripped Reynosa – a Mexican border city that is typically in the news for its steep murder rate.

Dalton Javier Ramirez Avalos, the eldest son of a family of piñata crafters, wanted to please his mother when she suggested that he make a piñata in the image of the Kardashian’s naked pose that everybody was talking about a couple of weeks ago after gracing the cover of Paper magazine.

“Lately we like making piñatas that are more trendy,” he told Fox News Latino, explaining that his mother is an unconditional fan of the Kardashians.

On average, the tiny shop would sell about 10 piñatas a week. Now, it is fielding calls from all over the world about his risque piñata.

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Ramirez, who is finishing his major in chemical engineering, said he is surprised by the attention his creation has generated since he finished it on Sunday and posted it on Facebook. He crafts the piñatas himself, one by one and manually – he uses just wire, newspaper for the filling and rice paper to cover the whole thing.

He said coming up with the first beatable KK took him more than a week. Now, with all the attention generated, he said he may have trouble meeting the growing demand.

“They are even being requested for the Posadas,” he said in awe, referring to the popular Mexican festival held during the nine days before Christmas.

Originally, he explained, his idea was to appeal to clients looking to spice up their bachelor party.

In order to churn as many piñatas as they possibly can, the Ramirez family has organized the labor and started producing them at three levels of sophistication. He is in charge of the most elaborate ones, which can go for as much as $100; they are bigger, wear a wig and the face bears a better resemblance to the Kardashian. His younger brother takes care of the more simple ones, which don’t require much time (they go for $40, he said), and the little sister is responsible for painting them all. Both parents retired five years ago.

The Pinatería Ramirez, with more than 30 years in the business, gained some fame in the past few months with their “Miley Cirus Riding a Chili” and, back in July, with one portraying the Dutch soccer player Arjen Robben -- the most hated person in the country after he claimed a penalty that ultimately kicked the Tri of the World Cup.

But as much as Ramirez is enjoying this sudden spotlight on him and his shop, he said he is particularly proud of being able to put Reynosa on the map for a reason other than violence or drug-trafficking.

“Reynosa [located directly across the border from Hidalgo, Texas] is a very violent border,” he said. “We are pleased that our city is providing something positive this time.”