Step aside Ellen DeGeneres, there is a new selfie record (attempt) around.

Nearly 2,000 people gathered at a Monumento a los Niños Heroes in Mexico City on Saturday in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the most number of consecutive selfies taken in one place.

“We organized this event because it is an event that connects people,” organizer Victor Rodriguez told reporters. “People who come are not charged a single penny, we do not pay them. Everyone who comes here has come to take part.”

Initially participants hoped to break the U.S. record for more number of people in one selfie – which stands at 2,997 people. But the Guinness official said they were not properly set up to break that record.

“I’m not judging that event,” Guinness World Record judge Alexander Angert said, according to Fusion. “That’s not a record that we’re measuring.”

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So they improvised, Rodriguez said, and attempted to instead break the record for most consecutive selfies taken in one place.

“(I came) because I think it’s something fun, I don’t know, it’s like an expression,” said participant Michelle Roque. “Coming out to take photos, a community photo, and coming out smiling, happy.”

The unofficial tally of 756 selfies captured in sequence is pending Guinness approval, but seems to shatter the the previous record of 531 selfies.

Mexico has a long history of seeking to break world records, including the world’s largest meatball, the most people kissing simultaneously (39,897 people on Valentine’s Day 2009), and the largest display of public nudeness.

Other world records include most “Thriller” dancers honoring the late Michael Jackson with 13,597 people dancing to the hit song, world’s largest tamale and largest taco line.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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