The Ahhmmms were defeaning.

More than 12,000 people took to Mexico City’s Zócalo, the huge central square usually used for political protests and national celebrations, on Sunday.

The non-profit organization Naam Yoga claims that is was the largest yoga class known to man.

The throng of yoga enthusiasts was led by Naam Yoga founder Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and engaged in the popular Naam Yoga prayer, a mantra that consists of the prayer of love, peace and light.

“This truly was an explosion of joy and happiness,” said Rebeca Torres, founder and president of Naam Mexico. “Many of us were touched and transformed.”

Torres says Naam Yoga is perhaps what the Mexican government is lacking to make things better politically.

“Vibrating Naam in love, peace and light can change the destiny of our country,” Torres said.

The practice of Yoga has made increasing inroads into Mexican society --sometimes in the most unexpected places. A yoga program in Mexican prisons is helping juvenile inmates break the cycle of violence and addiction.

Yoga instructor Ann Moxey created the Parinaama yoga program for inmates held in the Arlacholoaya prison in Cuernavaca, Morelos, a town located south of Mexico City. The program is also offered in multiple juvenile jails and one adult prison.

Moxey  is hopeful about the healing possibilities through Yoga, even when dealing with kids who have been affected by, and succumbed to, violence: “If you train them and if you give them the tools, and you give them jobs in which they can give back to society, you actually close the energetic circle and what used to be the problem is now the solution.”

Levry too believes that yoga can change the world for the better.

“This prescriptive form of yoga contains tools to directly benefit every biological system while being mentally and spiritually uplifting,” Levry said.

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