Los Amigos Invisibles Need Your Bucks to Make Their Documentary

You always wanted to be with the band, right? And you’ve always wanted to produce?

Here’s your chance to do both.

The Grammy-winning Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles is using Kickstarter.com to crowd-fund a 20th anniversary documentary. Titled “La Casa del Ritmo,” it's being produced by New Yorker Juan Miguel Marin, who himself met the band when his own rock en español outfit, La Rua, toured with them about 10 years ago.

Marin has already interviewed the members of the band, past producers and David Byrne, who brought the Amigos to the U.S. after randomly finding one of their CD’s in a record shop. (Yes, children, there was this thing called an ‘CD’ that was sold in a ‘record store’ back then.)

Your cash will go to filming one of the band’s characteristically high-energy shows in New York City on March 11. Donate $5 and you get a thank-you. Donate $300 and you get to go backstage, meet the band and get a Polaroid (of course) commemorating the occasion. Donate $5,000 and Marin will stage a screening at your home and “do lunch” with you and your friends.

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Here's hoping he’s buying.

Via Remezcla and Kickstarter

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