Colorado boy, 5, stages 'Up'-themed birthday photoshoot with great-grandparents

A Colorado boy has paid tribute to his favorite movie with a photoshoot.

Elijah Perman, 5, is a huge fan of the 2009 Pixar classic “Up." His mother, part-time photographer Rachel Perman, says her son is "obsessed" with the movie.

When Elijah and his twin sister Emilee turned 5 recently, Rachel decided to do what she called "magical shoots" for their birthday.

Elijah Perman with his great-grandparents

Elijah Perman with his great-grandparents (Rachel Perman Photography)

"I was diagnosed with cancer right after my twins were born and had fears if I would even get to see their 5th birthday," she told Fox News in an email. "... SO for their 5th birthday I wanted to celebrate the things they love with photos! It's a celebration for me and them!"


Emilee got a photo session with a horse dressed up as a unicorn. Elijah chose to pay tribute to his favorite movie. He donned a boy scout’s uniform similar to the character of Russell, while his great-grandparents Richard and Caroline Bain proved to be dead ringers for Carl and Ellie. And, of course, there were balloons. Lots and lots of balloons.

"It seemed like a sweet idea to get my grandparents involved in the process," Rachel Perman told Fox News. "I love that we get to celebrate them as well.

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