Ok. So you’ve waited to the last minute and you don’t have a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone in your life. And, in these trying economic times, you might not be able to afford anything extravagant. But you still want to do something special.

Don’t fret, we have some solutions!

What really counts is the thought, sincerity and emotion you put into a gift. Chocolate gets eaten, flowers wither and cards are tossed into the bin, but a loving memory lasts a lifetime. So if you are on a budget, or feel that Valentine’s Day is just too commercialized, here are some thoughtful gift ideas that cost very little but will be priceless to your loved one.

Best Pix of the Week

  • Write a letter telling your love how much he or she means to you. Put it on nice paper and frame it in an inexpensive frame from a second hand store with a photo of you both.
  • Make a CD of love songs that remind you of your partner and personalize the cover with a special picture such as a favorite flower, a sunset or a picture of you both. 
  • Cook a dish you loved from your childhood and share your memories. Conversely, you can cook a dish from your love’s childhood and listen to his or her memories.  If you are an inexperienced cook you can find countless simple recipes on any type of cuisine online.
  • Buy a book that you know your loved one will enjoy and take turns reading it out loud to each other. 
  • If any type of cooking is not possible create and indoor candle-lit picnic. Simply spread a blanket out in the living room, buy a couple of nice sandwiches and a bottle of sparkling cider, dim the lights, light a few candles and put on some romantic music.     
  • Rent a romantic movie, dim the lights and pop some popcorn to create a home theater atmosphere.  Remember you are inviting your love to a (home) movie so make sure all electronic and mobile devices are turned OFF. Combine this with a home-cooked meal, or inexpensive takeout, for a ‘dinner and a movie’ Valentine’s Day date.
  • We all know that the price of roses goes way up for Valentine’s Day. Why spend a fortune? Purchase a single red rose and two Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes from your local supermarket. Trim the rose with some ribbon and place it in between the cupcakes on your nicest platter and present it with love.
  • Buy a set of inexpensive, sexy red underwear for each of you and model them off to each other.

Now that you have the ideas get to it, make it happen and have a lovely Valentine’s Day!!!

Marlene Pratt is the co-founder of Casa Latina, an interior designer and on-air television host on both English and Spanish-language television. Follow Marlene on Twitter at @CasaLatinaToday and Like her FB page.

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