Fun ways to decorate your Easter eggs

Happy Easter! Fox & Friends celebrated all morning long with farm animals, crafts, and so much more thanks to A2Z Party Planning, Aly’s Ponies, and Party City.

Can't forget the Easter eggs! Lifestyle Expert Limor Suss shared tips for decorating creative Easter eggs the whole family will love. Here's how you and your family can do it at home:

What you need:
Scotch washi tape - variety of colors
Craft eggs

How to make:
1. Cut washi tape
2. Stick onto craft egg

What you need:
Craft flowers
Modeling clay - white
Glitter/gold paint
Thin paint brush
Tacky glue
Thin black marker
Craft eggs

How to make:
1. Make horns out of modeling clay by rolling out two pieces of clay, and twisting them together to look like a horn
2. Let horn air dry
3. Draw unicorn eyelashes onto craft eggs
4. Glue on craft flowers with tacky glue
5. Once horn is dry, paint it gold and glue onto egg

What you need:
Black ribbon - 1/8 thick
Blue and yellow paint
Silver, black, blue and yellow markers or paint pens
Painters tape
Googley eyes

How to make:
1. Measure about half way up on the egg and wrap with painter’s tape
2. While holding the bottom half of the egg, paint the top with yellow acrylic paint. Use a smooth brush to minimize bristle marks
3. Remove the painter’s tape while wet and let dry
4. Once dried, wrap another piece of painter’s tape along the edge of the yellow
5. Paint the bottom half of the egg blue (blue paint pen works well)
6. Remove painter’s tape and let dry
7. Use a silver paint pen to draw on the minion’s goggles, let dry
8. Glue on googley eyes, let dry
9. Measure and cut a piece of 1/8” thick black ribbon for the goggle strap
10. Glue each end of the ribbon to the edges of the goggles
11. Draw on the minion’s mouth and hair using a black paint pen or sharpie

What you need:
Yellow paint
Paint pens or markers - gold, red, blue, pink

How to make:
1. Holding the egg with your index and thumb finger, paint half of the egg yellow (if dyeing let stand for 5 minutes) and let dry
2. Hold the dry half of the egg and paint the remaining side yellow, let dry
3. Repeat steps one and two if a darker shade of yellow is preferred, let dry
4. Draw a light outline of your favorite emoji using a pencil
5. Outline the mouth using a gold paint pen
6. For emojis with eyeballs, color in the whites of the eyes and fully let dry before filling in the pupils with black sharpie
7. For the sunglasses, outline in black sharpie and fill in with black paint pen and fully let dry before adding the white highlights
8. For the tongue, fill in with pink paint pen and outline tongue in pink metallic sharpie fine point paint pen
9. For the toothy smile, fill in white teeth and let dry before outlining the mouth with gold paint pen

What you need:
Gemstone Stickers
Puffy paint
Tacky Glue

How to make:
1. Dye eggs in a variety of colors
2. Glue on embellishments
3. Make designs with puffy paint

What you need:
Felt or cardstock
Tacky Glue
Black and pink markers

How to make:
1. Cut out bunny ears and feet
2. Glue on ears and feet
3. Draw bunny face