During an interview on Friday morning on "Fox & Friends," Dr. Alveda C. King, evangelist and a niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., cleared up any confusion that might still exist about the reason for the Christmas season — and shared a few tips for staying focused on the true meaning of Christmas, no matter what else might be going on.

On Christmas Eve morning, King said, "The beautiful Christ-like message — we've had Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and certainly now Christmas — the message is to love, to repent, to forgive, and to share. That's what Jesus did, and God gave us Jesus."

She added, "It's just a very beautiful season. We want to keep that spirit all year around if we can, but certainly this is a good time to say Merry Christmas to everybody."

This is a good time, advised Dr. Alveda King during an appearance on "Fox and Friends" on Friday morning, "to say Merry Christmas to everybody." And giving to others, she noted, doesn't require buying presents and spending money — there are many ways to let those around us know we care about them and are keeping them in mind at this time of year. (iStock, File)

At a time right now when so many people across our nation are struggling through any number of crises — tornadoes and the resulting damage and destruction; crime waves across our cities; and so much more — King said, "This is a very difficult season. I have lost loved ones to COVID, for example."

Then there's "the violence, the tornadoes, everything that is happening."

She stressed the words and advice of her grandfather, Rev. Martin Luther King Sr.

Alveda King

Dr. Alveda King is an evangelist, pastor, author, and host of a program on Fox Nation called "Alveda King's House." She says she tries to bring "hope and joy in the midst of the storm" — plus a little homemade food for loved ones as well.

She said that we must "thank God for what we have left," as her grandfather suggested.

"And so I tend to focus on those things that are right around me now," she continued. "And even with gift-giving — say you don't have a lot of money to buy a present — you can bless somebody" instead. 


She noted that such gifts of thought and warmth such as baking cookies for neighbors and delivering them, or taking part in Christmas caroling in the neighborhood or community, can mean a great deal at this time of year. 

"Things like that mean a lot at Christmas as well. It doesn't mean that other things are not happening or have not happened," she added.

"But we really can thank God for what we have left."

On Fox Nation, her show, "Alveda King's House: A King Family Christmas" brings "hope and joy in the midst of the storm."

We "do a little cooking with it," too, King shared on Friday morning.


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