In one of the most shocking wedding stories ever, a true bridezilla decided to take the bartender’s tip jar and keep it for herself.

According to a post on Reddit’s Bridezilla forums, the incident occurred about 10 minutes before the bar was about to close down. For the entire night, a tip jar had been placed on the bar, but it wasn’t until the night was almost over that the bride decided that it was a problem.

Tip jar

At the end of the night, the bride decided that the tip jar should be considered a honeymoon jar instead.

Reddit user Brookey explained, “I bartend weddings as a second job at a social club. We are allowed to put out a tip jar unless the bride and groom ask us not to or ask us to put out a honeymoon jar for them. So I was working a wedding and about 10 minutes before I shut my bar and the wedding is over the bride comes up to me to tell me she didn't want a tip jar and she was thinking she wanted a honeymoon jar.”


“I apologize multiple times and again,” he continued. “She says she was thinking that she wanted a honeymoon jar and despite hearing from guests how amazing I was and that she had thought that herself she says no way people would have tipped and that they must have thought it was for her. She then takes all the money out starts counting it and throws me $20 and .50 cents the change falls on the ground and then she tells me to look for it myself. I honestly felt so sad about this I worked so hard :( I guess I should be happy she gave me anything but is this okay?”

Not surprisingly, the responses agreed that the bride was wrong to take the jar. As one user put it, “She stole from you. You earned it. It sounds like she saw all the money you were given and got jealous.”

Most seemed to agree that taking the jar should be considered stealing, with another user added, “No, that is straight up theft. Her guests gave that money to you. They, as wedding guests of hers, had other, ample opportunity to give the bride money, and they probably did, but that was money they thought you deserved. This makes me so angry.”


Other bartenders chimed in with advice. One posted, “I also bartend events as my side hustle and frankly I am careful to pull out money every hour like clockwork. I also refuse to work events with a honeymoon jar on MY BAR. They can put their 'give-me-money' jar on their head table but my tip jar is for me and my bar-backs. Because we bust our asses to make sure everyone is happy. I also charge 25% for no tip jar.”


Other said that action should be taken. One user posted, “Yeah, she stole your tips and that is not okay, you should not be happy about it. I would let your manager or the other bartenders at your social club know — probably too late to do anything about that wedding, but you can at least let them know that it happened and that they should not let it happen again in the future.”