Woman With Fungus on Lungs Gets Transplant

A 20-year-old woman from Dublin, Ireland – who was fighting a severe fungul infection in both of her lungs – can breathe easier now after a new set of lungs were transplanted into her, The Daily Mail reported.

“I can’t for the life of me, remember feeling so well,” said Becky Jones, who used to be housebound. “The world is my oyster!”

Jones had been on a transplant list for more than a year because she suffered from cystic fibrosis and developed aspergillomas, or large fungal balls that had formed in her airways. She had also developed a resistance to anti-fungal drugs.

Jones is finally out of the intensive care unit, and said she has plans to attend college.

“Becky’s transplant brings together a remarkable set of expertise; in fungal infection, molecular testing, advanced transplantation techniques and intensive care, all under one roof,” said Professor David Denning, director of the National Aspergillosis Center at the Wythenshawe hospital in Manchester, England.

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