Woman who rescued golden retriever pup from abuse reunited at adoption ceremony

For weeks, an Arizona woman heard the cries of a dog near her home, but couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. Finally, she followed the sounds to a neighbor’s apartment and called police, leading to the rescue of Raine, who had been badly beaten with an iron rod. On Jan. 27, the golden retriever puppy and his rescuer were reunited.

Heather Frazer, of Tempe, said Raine’s cries were “blood curdling and scary,” and that she heard them for weeks, Fox 5 reported. Raine’s owner, Shundong Hu was arrested for animal cruelty.

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On Friday, Frazer thought she was meeting with Raine for an update, but the Arizona Humane Society surprised her with the news that she is the pup’s new mom.

"I didn't know it would be a possibility, but it's really not describable, it's amazing,” Frazer told the news channel.

Local police said the story was a reminder of the importance of saying something when you see or hear something.

"If you hear something, even if you don't know where it's coming from, we'll send officers out or you can call the humane society who's very diligent at responding and they'll respond multiple times if they feel the call is a valid threat," Detective Richard Fairclough of the Tempe Police Department, told the news channel.