Woman ‘meets’ herself after 150-lb weight loss through before-and-after pics

Before-and-after weight loss selfies are one thing, but one Canadian woman— thanks to a professional photographer friend— has a set of pop-culture inspired portraits that blend her pre- and post-weight loss self in a series of creative images.

Elizabeth Beard, of Toronto, Canada, lost 150 pounds in two years after having gastric bypass surgery. To chronicle her journey, her friend Blake Morrow created "The Beth Project," taking photos of her before and after. He then spliced together the pop culture-inspired portraits so it appears as though she's interacting with her "past" self.

"The Beth Project" images do not digitally alter Beard's body shape, Morrow notes on his website.

Pop culture references in the photos include "Orange Is the New Black," Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, and "The Sound of Music."

You can check out the full photo project at BlakeMorrow.ca and follow Blake on Twitter and Instagram @shootblake.