Woman Lives With Chopstick Lodged in Eye for 11 Years

A woman from China, who was suffering from an eye infection, surprised doctors when they discovered the cause of her discomfort was a broken piece of chopstick lodged in her eye.

Ci Yang had been living with the more than 2-inch piece of a plastic in her eye socket for 11 years, according Independent Online News.

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After examining her, doctors noticed a bone-colored object in the corner of her eye, and they immediately ordered a CAT scan.

“Her right eye was badly swollen,” said Dr. Xu Zhe of Hua Xi hospital. The situation was quite severe.”

Ci Yang underwent surgery the same day to remove the piece of plastic. Doctors said her vision was unaffected because the chopstick only penetrated the gap between her eye and her eye socket.

The woman later said she remembered slipping and hitting her face on a dining table 11 years ago.

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