Woman has Planet Fitness membership revoked for talking on phone

A Westwood woman learned the hard way that the gym known for its "judgment-free zone" is also a cell phone-free zone after having her membership pulled for talking on her phone.

The Boston Herald reports Tina Santoro Asmar received an unexpected call from her doctor while on an elliptical at the Planet Fitness in Dedham on Thursday. When Asmar answered the call, the gym's general manager approached her and told her to get off of the phone.

The Planet Fitness chain is known for having "no cell phones" signs posted throughout the gym. Many of gyms even have a sign posted in the lobby that reads "no cell phones beyond this point."

Asmar tells the newspaper that the manager's demeanor was "very threatening." She says she did not want to leave the workout area because he iPad was hooked up to the elliptical she was on.

The owner of the gym says a regional manager witnessed the incident and claims that Asmar was the one who was acting hostile. He also claims that the gym has had repeated issues with Asmar and cell phone use.

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