Move aside, sourdough. There’s now a new, healthier, diabetic-friendly option — purple bread.

Because white bread is rapidly digestible, it can spike and crash blood-sugar levels. So professor Zhou Weibiao, a food scientist at the National University of Singapore, recently invented a carb-lover’s alternative, which is digested 20 percent slower than white bread.

The superfood’s special ingredient? Anthocyanin, a natural pigment found in plums and eggplants that’s packed with antioxidants and is said to prevent heart and brain diseases.

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But carb-conscious dieters beware: One thing purple bread doesn’t cut is calories.

“You are eating the same amount of starch and wheat flour, so the nutritional value is the same,” Zhou told CNN. “The key idea here is slowing down the energy release, so you use those calories over a longer period of time.”

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