Welcoming Sarah Palin to Fox News

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Today was a very special day for me because I had the opportunity to briefly welcome Fox News' new political contributor, former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. I have always admired her; from the way she conducted herself during the 2008 presidential race, to her views on the current problems facing this great nation.

The former governor of Alaska offers an honest and refreshing dialogue about American socioeconomic issues a• which is something that we desperately need a• at a time when our country stands divided on some of the most important decisions in United States history, and I am so proud that she is part of the Fox News family.

I gained a lot of respect and understanding of Sarah Palin when I read her book, "Going Rogue_ An American Life." One can truly see how this young politician has acquired terrific knowledge of what's good for America through strong family values and a supportive upbringing.

As a health care professional, I have been very impressed with the way she handled health care for seniors while she was the governor of Alaska. And her ideas with regard to health care reform, as evident in an op-ed she wrote for the Wall Street Journal in September of 2009, are realistic and well thought out. Click here to read the full article.

In the article, Palin makes a point about how the debate should be handled. She properly analyzes some of the genuine criticisms that many Americans have toward the Obama administration's plan for health care overhaul, and comes to the conclusion that promises from Washington are simply promises without real facts.

So, please join me in welcoming Sarah Palin to the Fox family ... and let the dialogue begin.