University Phases Out Cafeteria Trays to Help in Battle of the Bulge

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The University of Michigan is hoping a break from tradition in the school's cafeteria may help some students in the battle of the bulge, reported Thursday.

The Ann Arbor school has decided to phase out the familiar food tray, the humble piece of equipment that has become synonymous with cafeteria-style eating around the world.

According to the university's Mike Lee the decision has been driven by "a combination of things," including environmental issues such as dishwashing and chemical use.

However, the concept also encourages the eating of smaller portions, and students like Yanque Foster admit they now think twice before going back for seconds.

"I definitely notice myself paying more attention to what I eat, and I waste less," she said.

Although, some students such as Jennifer Lampton do not think it will help their waistlines.

"[I] pretty much eat whatever I want to eat, however much," she said.

Lee said there would always be differing opinions.

"Some students think it's the best thing that we could do, we should do it everywhere. Other students don't like it at all because it's an inconvenience," he said.

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