Twins joined at the head successfully separated after 10-hour surgery

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A pair of twins who were joined at the head underwent a successful 10-hour separation surgery that involved 22 doctors and nurses, Central European News (CEN) reported. The twin girls, Tuqa and Yakeen, are said to be doing well.

“The twins were joined at the head and that meant this was one of the most complicated and difficult Siamese cases,” Dr. Ahmad Al-Furrayan, the lead surgeon at Specialist Children’s Hospital at the King Abdul Aziz Medical City (KAMC) in Saudi Arabia, told CEN. It was the final procedure in the process that started in 2014.

The Saudi government funded the procedures as a humanitarian gesture.

Saudi Arabia has performed 37 surgeries on Siamese twins since 1990, with many patients coming from other countries, CEN reported.

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