These dance moves will get you more sex

Fans of the sitcom “Seinfeld” are all too aware of character Elaine Benes’ awful dance moves. A study published last Thursday in Scientific Reports shows how we can all avoid the embarrassing fate of being viewed as a real-world Elaine at parties.

According to Vice, psychologists in the United Kingdom have figured out the rhythmic permutations that are found most attractive in females on the dance floor. The shrinks’ findings appear in Scientific Reports.

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As explained by Vice, “The researchers used motion-capture technology to track the women’s movements and then mapped those onto digital avatars, like something out of a rudimentary video game.” Men and women watched the avatars and weighed in on which digital dancing queens were most appealing. According to the findings of Scientific Reports, the most desirable dancers had swinging hips, asymmetrical thigh moves and wildly uneven arm movements.

In other words, they conformed to timeless advice: Dance like nobody’s watching. Researchers maintain that the swinging hips signal fertility.

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