The healthiest greens to add to your diet

It’s no secret that eating your greens will do wonders for your waistline.

Most green veggies are less than 50 calories per cup and are packed with fiber and nutrients.  But if the old standbys like kale and spinach bore you, Frances Largeman-Roth, registered dietician and author of “Eating in Color,” says there are many others to try.

"Seven servings or more of fruits and vegetables -- especially the vegetables -- can cut your risk of death from any disease, any illness by 42 percent,” Largeman-Roth told “To me, that's really compelling and that's a reason to try to be fitting in more greens."

Watercress, a semiaquatic plant native to Europe and Asia, isn’t just for tea sandwiches.  Use it in soups and salads for a peppery bite.  Dandelion greens are also growing in popularity and go particularly well with egg dishes.

And Swiss chard is a hardy green that has a lot of vitamin A, C and K.

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“They're super low in calories, and it's a tasty thing to add to, say, you're making a kind of rice dish,” Largeman-Roth said. “…You can use it raw, but I would probably mix it in with some other, a little bit more tender grains."