Teen with spina bifida joins Michigan Wolverines

15-year-old Larry Prout Jr. may seem young for a college football player, but the Michigan teen has faced more than a lifetime’s share of challenges. Prout, who was born with spina bifida, has already undergone 90 surgeries because of the birth defect.

On Friday, the lifelong Michigan Wolverines fan became an honorary member of the team, Fox 5 reported.

Spina bifida is a condition where the spinal column doesn’t close all the way. It is the most common neural tube defect in the United States and affects 1,500 to 2,000 babies born each year.

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“When I was born, most of my major organs were on the outside of my body,” Prout told Fox5. “I was not given much of a chance to survive to birth, let alone life.”

To celebrate his recruitment to the team, Prout got his own press conference and spent the day with his new teammates and coaches.