Girija Srinivas may look like a precocious toddler — but she is actually a 19-year-old woman who is just 2½ feet tall and 26 pounds.

Srinivas, from Bangalore in India, was born with congenital agenesis, which left her unable to even sit up because she could fracture a bone — but she manages to pass the time drawing and painting, Barcroft Media reported.

“I don’t like anyone pitying me, I have shown everyone what my capabilities are,” said Srinivas, an artist. “My mother helps me with eating and other normal things. But while I’m painting and drawing, I need nobody’s help. I do it myself.”

She said she sells five or six paintings a month — making between $128 and $160.

“I have to look after my parents and I need to have the financial capacity to do that,” said Srinivas, who lives with her parents and an older brother. Her dad is a tailor and her mom takes care of her full time.

Mom Nanda Baayi said the family faced difficulties from the very beginning.

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