Ballet can help people with Parkinson's disease overcome their symptoms, UK researchers have claimed, The (London) Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

A study carried out by the English National Opera saw 24 people with the degenerative brain disease take part in classes where they learned the steps to "Romeo and Juliet."

After the 12 week program, the patients reported an improvement in their conditions and rediscovered confidence on their feet.

Dr. Sarah Houston from London's Roehampton University, who oversaw the study, said, "One of the most noticeable aspects of the project was how it supported participants' confidence, as well as improving their bodily awareness."

One participant said, "Dancing like this is helping me to get Mr. Parkinson's out of the driving seat of my life. The ballet did make me urgently want to move more, and move better and hinted at how this might be possible."

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