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Parkinson's Disease

  1. Medicine in the Year 2060

    Can you imagine having a map of your genes on a CD? How about a hologram of your doctor that appears right in your own home? Sound impossible? Well, get ready to take a journey into the future of medicine

  2. Troubling Children's Health Study

    Research links pesticides to increase of drug-resistant staph infections

  3. Strange Health Foods: Blowfish Sperm

    Dr. Manny tries a dish so rare; it is only served in one U.S. restaurant

  4. Stem Cell Ban Lifted?

    President Obama to allow federal funding for stem cell research

  5. Nature's Medicine Cabinet

    Ask Dr. Manny Show: Come on a journey with Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter, as he tours China and beyond in search of some of the strangest healing foods in the world. Dr. Manny also joins him to try some bizarre foods that would shock even the most adventurous foodies

  1. Pope John Paul II Closer to Sainthood

    Nun cured by pontiff explains experience

  2. VIDEO: Botox for Pain

    Ask Dr. Manny: What are the long terms effects of using Botox?

  3. Ask the Doctor

    Dr. Rosenfeld answers viewer e-mails

  4. VIDEO: Embarrassing Incontinence Issues

    Ask Dr. Manny: I've been having some leakage problems. What can I do about it?

  5. Ask the Doctor

    Dr. Rosenfeld answers viewer e-mails

  6. Car Report: 2012 Ford Focus

    A look into the 2012 Ford Focus

  7. Ford's Global Focus

    Fox Car Report drives the 2012 Ford Focus. Is what's good for the rest of the world good for us?