The real anxiety for new parents begins when their baby falls asleep— when worrying whether their child is OK can prompt tossing and turning. But socks that act as a wearable technology may make that all-too-common concern a thing of the past.

Owlet is a “smart” sock that tracks a baby’s vital signs during sleep and is designed to alert parents if the infant stops breathing. The sock monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels using pulse oximetry, a non-invasive method, and connects via Bluetooth to a base station and app. If the baby is distressed, the lights on the base change color and an alert gets sent to the app.

Owlet received a $1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for development and research, and was included in an exclusive two-week program with the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation.

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The product costs $249 and can be found at Owletcare.com.

Talk to your doctor before using the device to monitor your baby to learn how you can use it best.