Red plates may be secret to eating less

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Looking to shed some pounds?  Invest in red dinnerware.

According to a new study published in the journal Appetite, people who eat their meals off of red plates or drink from red cups decrease amount of food they intake by 40 percent, the Daily Mail reported.

Researchers say the staggering results may be because people usually associate the color red with concepts like ‘danger, prohibition, and stop.’  They propose the food industry could sell unhealthy foods in red packaging to help curb overeating or that bars could serve alcohol in red cups so that people won’t have as much to drink.

To come up with their results, 41 male students drank tea from cups marked with either red or blue labels.  The students drank 44 percent less from the red cups.

To test eating habits, 109 people were served ten pretzels each, either on red, blue, or white plates.  Those with red plates ate less pretzels than the rest.

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