Pediatrician meets teen organ donor's family in emotional union

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A Texas pediatrician connected with a grieving grandmother on Sunday to celebrate the 15-year-old teen who saved her life through organ donation. Dr. Susie Gerik, of Santa Fe, traveled to meet Brenda Stuart and attended a church service with her and other relatives of her donor, Roy Stuart, Fox 4 News reported.

Stuart was shot and killed outside of an apartment complex in October 2016, the news outlet reported. Following the teen’s death, his relatives decided to donate his organs, which included his heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. Gerik, who received his liver, had been suffering from liver failure due to side effects from supplements she was taking after an accident, Fox 4 News reported.

She was placed on a transplant waiting list for about a week before Stuart’s liver was found to be a match.


“When I teach a student, Roy is teaching a student, when I hold a baby in the nursery, Roy is holding that baby, and when I play with my grandbabies, he’s right there with me,” Gerik told Fox 4 News.

The families connected through an organ donor network, and initially were communicating via text message, WFAA reported. Brenda said Gerik is now a part of the family, and spoke to her grandson through Gerik.

“Oh my little angel,” Brenda said while embracing Gerik, according to WFAA. “I miss you so much. Granny misses you so much, baby.”

The pair sat hand-in-hand during a church service and are working to raise awareness for organ donation.