It's the newest trend in group fitness classes, and it's changing the way people think about working out.

The only class requirement? You’d better come ready to party.

Fox News’ Anna Kooiman recently went to Soul Cycle in New York City to find out about 'Party Ride' and why people are trading their Saturday night stilettos for sneakers.

Soul Cycle instructors combine the intensity of a full-body workout with the wild atmosphere of a nightclub, incorporating lights, glow sticks and even bubbles.

Party Ride instructor Danny Kopel said the class is always changing.

"When we teach the soul party, we might just pop out a few extra effects like a strobe light, or we might spray some champagne on the first row,” Kopel said. “It’s always just sort of a new bag of tricks."

Riders don't just burn fat and get their hearts pumping. Unlike other spin classes, they use hand weights to tone their cores and upper bodies.

So on weekends, instead of loading up on bar snacks and beer, riders are burning calories.

"It's a much healthier alternative to going to a night club or something like that," Kopel said.

Custom playlists and mood lighting allow riders to let loose and really pump up their confidence, leaving them energized.

Soul Cycle rider Joanna Carver said there is no other workout like it.

"The instructors are amazing, the music is great, the whole class (is) working together, and there is energy in the whole group,” Carver said. “Everything they bring to class makes it really fun."

Soul Cycle's popularity has recently become a bi-coastal trend, with other party-inspired workouts popping up all over the country.

For more information about Soul Cycle, visit www.soul-cycle.com