New Workout Can Get You in Tennis Pro Shape

If you’re getting ready to watch the U.S. Open, why not consider playing instead?

Crunch Fitness has designed a new class called "rack it up" that will have you channeling your inner tennis star—while giving you a great workout.

Dr. Manny Alvarez, senior managing health editor of, found out more about this innovative new class that is really catching the attention of gym-goers.

“It's really engaging. You’re kind of all over the place, you’re working different muscles. I take a lot of classes and I think I am pretty coordinated, but it was very challenging as far as that goes,” said Crunch member Tara Yanoviak.

The pros do make it look easy when they're flying around the court, so for you to get those "fast feet" all it takes is a little practice and some rhythm.

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“The main thing they (members) need work on is their footwork. And we do these drills on courts that's like, sorta like a dance. So once you know the steps it’s so much easier to move on court,” said Crunch instructor Akin Akman.

With rackets in hand, this unique class forces you to use your entire body, focusing on improving strength, flexibility and endurance.

Akman said there are a number of muscle groups used during the class.

“We're working the legs obviously, a lot of legs. Using everything—hamstrings, quads and even the ankles. We use the medicine balls to twist, we use the hips, we use our arms, shoulders everything. Everything goes together,” he said.

So whether it’s a game of singles or doubles, after a few sessions of this class you'll be lacing up your tennis shoes and hitting the court.