New app delivers prescription drugs to your door

You’ve been ordering pizzas to your door, well now it’s time you started getting your heartburn medicine delivered, too.

Zipdrug, a New York-based tech startup, launched a mobile app this week that offers on-demand delivery of prescription drugs from your local pharmacy.

To make it happen, a patient creates a profile on the app (including a photo of his or her insurance card) and enters details of the prescription and pharmacy. Patients can then specify whether they want the drugs delivered to their home or office.

For a flat $10 fee, a bike messenger will show up with the prescription at any address in Manhattan within an hour. That’s a big relief, Zipdrug says, for ailing patients who aren’t up for the trip.

“I’ve never been to a pharmacy and felt thrilled to be there” whether sick or not, says Zipdrug founder and CEO Stu Libby, citing the long lines and Soviet-style service familiar to many New Yorkers.

The former Google exec finally got fed up when a hospital failed to give his own father the medication he was prescribed after a near-death, heart-related incident last year.

Libby’s father recovered, but the incident was a wake-up call, he says.

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