A German biologist who does not believe measles is a virus offered a reward to anyone who could prove him wrong. After a doctor provided evidence that measles is a virus, the biologist refused to pay and is now being ordered by a court to follow through with his promise, BBC News reported.

Four years ago, Stefan Lanka— who believes measles is psychosomatic— offered 100,000 euros ($106,300) for proof it is a virus. German doctor David Barden gathered evidence from various medical studies, but Lanka dismissed the findings.

A court in the southern town of Ravensberg ruled the proof to be sufficient. Lanka has said he will appeal the verdict.

Debate in Germany over whether measles vaccination should be compulsory sparked after a recent outbreak of measles. The country is reportedly dealing with an outbreak that is 10 times worse than the one in the United States. Reuters reported Germany had seen almost 600 cases as of February. An 18-month-old boy in Berlin died in April from the disease.

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