A Scottish man who has suffered from a rare type of renal failure for 10 years finally found a compatible kidney donor—just next door.

Alan Love, 31, has been receiving dialysis treatment for 12 years because he could not find a suitable donor kidney—until Gillian Paterson, his neighbor in Stirling, central Scotland, took a blood test and was found to be a "perfect match."

Love, who suffers from an inherited condition called De Toni-Fanconi syndrome, and Paterson, a 27-year-old mother-of-one, will undergo surgery in the coming weeks, the Scottish Daily Record reported Friday.

"Most neighbors only pop round to borrow a cup of sugar—Gillian is giving me a kidney," Love said. "She's got to be the best neighbor in Scotland. I'm ecstatic—she is quite literally giving me a new lease of life."

Love's family was all tested but none were found to be a match—and without a transplant he faced an early death.

"Doctors told me she is the closest match I'll get to a blood relative, which is unbelievable," Love added.

He hopes he will be able to go to university and work in nursing after his operation.

Paterson said, "I managed to convince him that this is something I wanted to do for him because he is my friend and I love him."

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