Man Survives Lightning Strike to the Head

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A Minnesota man says he is lucky to be alive after he was struck in the head by lightning Tuesday night, KDVR reported.

Brendan Baker, 31, of Princeton, Minn., told the news station he was hiking alone on Longs Peak in Denver, Colo., when it started storming. Baker took refuge under a rock, but the lightning must have bounced off the rock and hit him, according to park rangers.

Baker said he does not remember the incident.

"I just remember waking up the next morning," Baker said. "I had my hat on, and I had no idea that anything had happened to my head."

Baker's injuries included a swollen face, numb hands, and burns to his feet, elbow and back.

Baker started walking down the mountain, when he noticed other hikers, who asked him about his head.

"That's when (I felt my head) and I could feel a big burn," Baker said.

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