Kate Hudson and her brother, Oliver Hudson, won the genetic lottery. There's no question about that. But these two good-looking siblings don't just rest on their laurels—both lead active, healthy lifestyles and serve as brand ambassadors for Fabletics and FL2 (the new men's activewear line), respectively. I met up with the Hudson siblings to stare at Kate's abs and Oliver's eyes and find out all of their healthy secrets.

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Let's start with your least favorite workout.
"Oh, gosh. Sprints!" Oliver said.

"See, I like sprints," Kate responded.

"In the beach? In the dry sand? Brutal," Oliver added. I nod in agreement.

"I think my least favorite workout is just weights. Boring! I love SoulCycle, I really like—there's this thing called Bella Core in LA, I really like them. It's like ballet barre. I love Brazilian Butt Lift, it's like a DVD, and then there's a girl who actually does something similar in LA."

Kate, please tell us the secret to your abs.
"You just have to work out abs. For me, I think food, too, is huge. But I've been doing Pilates for so many years, my main workout is always focused on the core. It's mainly core. When everything starts from the core, I think that's where the strength comes from and that should be the center of everything."

"Pilates is amazing," adds Oliver.

"I think that men should be doing Pilates," Kate says.

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Do you guys eat healthy all the time? What's your diet like?
The siblings look at each other and laugh. "I had a lot of crap last night," Oliver says.

"We did," Kate confirms. "Our family likes food and loves to have fun. We're not like a regimented, crazy, you know, everything needs to be perfect [type of family]."

OK. But, like, your abs...
"So, here's what I do," Kate says, springing forward in her chair ready to get down to business. "Because I want to be as healthy as possible, I eat alkaline. That's my go-to. Yesterday I cheated because I was flying and there was food... but it's no dairy, it's no wheat, it's gluten-free, no meat, and no sugar. I just cut all of that out. And no wine and no beer—only vodka and only tequila, straight up."

How strict are you about the alcohol?
"That's just my benchmark. Other than that, if I'm out and Oliver and I end up, you know, going wine tasting, I'll have a great glass or two of wine."

"Is wine heavy in calories?" asks Oliver.

"It's just acidic," Kate answers. "So what happens it all reduces... your body becomes acidic. When you start to become more alkaline, it's just basically healthier. Everything digests better, your blood is [at a proper pH balance]."

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What's your favorite breakfast?
"I love eggs. Soft boiled eggs. I do a 5-minute soft-boiled egg—it's my favorite thing on the planet. And when I was a little girl my mom used to make soft-boiled eggs and I hated it. They were so runny." She shrivels up her face as she talks about it.

"She made 'em soft. Real soft! Like with a straw!" He imitates sucking up runny eggs through a straw and Kate recoils.

"Stop! Stop! So gross. Oliver, stop! Stop! Stop!" she screams. Star siblings: They're just like us.

How do you deal with the blowout vs. workout hair conundrum?
"I just put it in a bun. Honestly, there's a reason why my hair is in a bun all the time. Just put it up, show off those ears, and just, like, go. Every once in a while I'll take a shower and I'll be like, oh, it settled nice! That's not very often. I'm naturally curly and weird and it's really... I have really high-maintenance hair."

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