Jewish doctor in hot water over video parodying big noses

A Miami doctor who was scolded by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for producing a video mocking Jewish noses has canceled a second contest revolving around a video, which was based on a similar theme, Religion News Service reported.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who is also Jewish – and known around Miami as “Dr. Schnoz” – created a music video called “Jewcan Sam: A Nose Job Love Song,” in which a yarmulke-wearing young man needs a nose job in order to get a girlfriend.

The video shows the man before and after his nose job, which was performed by Salzhauer.
Salzhauer, an Orthodox Jew, said the video was produced as a “tongue-in-cheek parody,” according to the news service, playing up an old stereotype.

Salzhauer asked viewers to send in similar videos, and the winner would receive a trip to Miami.

In a March 13 statement, the society called the video “inappropriate,” and subsequently started an ethics probe into the matter, according to the news service.

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“I do understand the ASPS’s point of view, though my intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but to have a little fun,” Salzhauer said.

Salzhauer said he won’t take the video down from YouTube. So far, it has trafficked more than 130,000 hits – and Salzhauer is offering ‘plastic surgery scholarships’ to single Orthodox Jews who are in the market for rhinoplasty -- and a spouse.

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