Want a booty like Hope Solo, abs like Michael Phelps or legs like Lolo Jones?

Check out New York Sports Club’s Olympic-themed work-out class, which gives gym-goers the body of their dreams.

This “London Calling” edition features staples of the summer games, like rowing, boxing and gymnastics.

Circuit-style training helps target and sculpt specific body parts to help them resemble those of current and former members of Team USA.

Stacy Grant, district group exercise manager of New York Sports Club, is the class’ instructor.

“It's just to get into the spirit of the Olympics,” Grant said. “It's a lot of cardiovascular training – a lot of endurance and strength training. You're working everything from your legs to your arms and especially your heart.”

Some signature moves include “The Lolo” to sculpt calves, “The Sugar Ray” to chisel arms and “The Mary Lou” to tone quads.

“This kind of workout is the best way to lose fat – 45 minutes high-intensity go-go-go,” Grant said. “And, yes, you will be very sweaty at the end.”

To get into the real Olympic spirit, participants will compete against their personal best – and each other.

Whoever completes the most reps during the workout wins, receiving a gold medal.

Ben Goldman, one of the class’ participants didn’t bring home the gold, but he definitely channeled his inner athlete.

“You really get to challenge yourself, and it's kind of low pressure, but you get to really drive yourself to really perform at your highest level,” Goldman said. “I'm tired, but I'm ready to go again and I'm proud of myself!”

To find a class near you, check out mysportsclubs.com.