The morning after a big night out can be taxing—excessive eating and drinking or just plain weariness will slow the best of anyone down.

Like most, nutritionist Kimberly Snyder understands this feeling, especially around the holidays. “When I’ve over indulged or haven’t gotten enough sleep, I feel very bloated and fatigued,” says the Los Angeles-based Ms. Snyder, who counts singers and Hollywood actors among her clients. “I hate that feeling.”

Ms. Snyder has several strategies for bouncing back. “The very first thing that’s essential is to start the day with hot water and lemon—the hot water helps to dispel the gas and move it out of your system and lemon has a flushing and cleansing effect,” says Ms. Snyder, who has published three books on detoxification, including “The Beauty Detox Power,” which launched earlier this year.

Next, a smoothie can be a way to give your system a shot of all the nutrients it needs to recover quickly. Ms. Snyder likes to make a green one that’s “full of anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamin C, lots of minerals and potassium—you want to balance your electrolyte level.” For this, she typically makes a drink that contains “70 percent greens—spinach, romaine, parsley perhaps” and then rounds that off with apples, pears or bananas, making sure to definitely include some pineapple in the mix. “Pineapple is one of the most anti-inflammatory foods,” she adds.

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