How eating junk food can lead to a 'hangover'

Hands up: Who’s feasted on a junk food mountain at night, then woken up feeling as wretched as if they’d downed several alcoholic drinks?

Well, it turns out there’s a reason for that because the junk food hangover is an actual thing.

That’s right: Bingeing on burgers or chowing down on kebabs can leave you feeling as awful as if you’d had a massive night on the tiles.

Headaches, bloating and a mouth dryer than a desert are all side-effects of an evening spent munching junk.

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So, what’s the reason?

Well, according to gastroenterologist Dr. Jay Kuemmerle you’ve pumped too much fat and sodium into your body.

The gut can take up to 12 hours to break down fat, and during that time you’ll probably feel heavy, tired and as if you have zero energy.

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