Got Camel's Milk? Drink is High in Vitamin C, Easier to Digest

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British residents who have trouble getting over the hump of the day may soon be able to brace themselves with a nice glass of camel’s milk, The (London) Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

The paper said a Middle East firm is seeking permission to sell the salty-tasting liquid in Britain for the first time.

The good news is it is high in Vitamin C, low in fat and easier to digest than cow’s milk.However, it is also very watery, the Telegraph warns.

United Arab Emirates-based firm Camelicious is waiting for checks by EU health and hygiene inspectors and hopes to begin exports to Europe next year.

"It is a niche market,” Mutasher Al-Badry, the firm's deputy general manager admitted.

However, he said he was in talks with famous central London store Harrods and other retailers about carrying the milk, which is already drunk in the Middle East, parts of Africa and India.