British toddler Izabelle Evans -- who was born blind -- saw her mom and dad for the first time at the age of four, thanks to a medical procedure performed in China, The Sun reported Wednesday.

Izabelle can now see up to three feet away and recognize her parents' faces, thanks to the stem cell treatment.
Family and friends raised $78,000 to send the youngster to China to help her gain her sight.

Delighted parents James Evans and Hollie McHugh, both 24, said nothing could beat the feeling of the first time their daughter looked into their eyes after the treatment.

"The results were better than we could ever have dreamed of. If you walk past Izabelle now, she can look up and see you and say, 'Hiya.' It is amazing because doctors here said she couldn't see anything at all before we went," said McHugh.

Izabelle was blind from birth after being born with septo-optic dysplasia, a condition that affects just five in one million babies.

After family members launched an appeal to help her see, the money was donated in just over a year -- enough to realize their dream of sending Izabelle to China for the pioneering procedure. Her parents hoped the treatment -- which is not available in the UK -- would improve her sight, speech and mobility.

"We've seen lots of changes. Her speech has improved a lot. Before she went, she could only say one or two words, but now we can have a little conversation with her. Her walking has improved, and she can support her own weight on her legs now," McHugh said.

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