German-made condoms that claimed to offer multiple orgasms gets in legal trouble

A German condom company whose products’ slogan promised multiple orgasms has withdrawn its claims while a court determines whether the statement constitutes false advertising.

Central European News (CEN) reported that the Berlin-based company, Einhorn, which is the German word for unicorn, said its seven-pack bundles of condoms could offer up to 21 orgasms total. The company has advertised that its fair-trade condoms are made only with sustainable, vegan products.

After Einhorn’s founders, Philip Siefer, 32, and Waldemar Zeiler, 33, appeared on German show “Hohle der Lowen,” or “Lion’s Den,” they launched their condom company. But later a competitor reportedly challenged the company’s claims, and a German court agreed Einhorn’s slogan was misleading.

Siefer and Zeiler defended their company in Dusseldorf, and clarified the condoms could help a man orgasm once and a woman twice— making for a total of three orgasms per condom. The rival company, Fair Squared, argued that this promise could cause people to think the condoms were reusable, which may lead to adverse health effects.

The German court ordered an injunction, preventing Einhorn from using its slogan upon a full court hearing that would determine the condoms’ true effects. The court expects to make its final decision Thursday, Nov. 26.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.