Sitting at a desk all day would leave anyone feeling lethargic, but a few simple exercises can ward off the work fatigue. To keep you fit and productive, here are five easy exercises you can do right at your desk:

Glutes boot camp
Sitting on your butt all day does nothing for your gluteal muscles, but you can sneak in a few seated exercises. While in your chair, tighten and squeeze your buttocks muscles, hold for five to ten seconds then release. Repeat this ten times to complete one set. You can do as many sets as you wish over the course of the day. You can add more oomph to this exercise by simultaneously tightening your abdominal muscles, as if you were pulling your belly button toward your back.

Squat spot
Your chair will now be your new squat spot. Position yourself in front of the chair, as if you are about to sit down. Stand shoulder-width apart, with your arms extended in front of you. Begin lowering your body into the chair, but stop right before you make contact with the seat. Hover in this position for a few seconds, then stand back up and repeat. Complete a set of ten squats. Do not sit down or else you are not actually exercising! These squats work out your quads, thighs and gluteal muscles, making them a power-packed desk exercise.

Stretch and strengthen
You can exercise and relax your back muscles while stretching at your desk. Sit upright in your chair with both feet planted on the ground. Extend your left arm straight up, lifting your hand with the fingers pointed up toward the ceiling. Grab your armrest with your right hand. While keeping your left arm straight, lean from your waist toward the right as far as you can go. Make sure to keep your stretched arm straight. Hold this position for ten seconds, then slowly return to the original position. Now repeat with the other side of your body, keeping your right hand outstretched and leaning toward the left. This little routine works out the back muscles on the left and right sides of your body.

Spinal sensation
Sitting in the same position all day can put a lot of strain on your back, but a daily spine rotation can help strengthen your lower back muscles. The key to this exercise is keeping your feet and hips planted, to make sure that your back is doing all the work. Face forward in your chair, then turn your head and torso slowly to the right. Repeat while moving slowly to the left. Do this five times for each side, again making sure that your hips stay firmly in place.

The best biceps
This exercise works best if you have a rolling office chair. Grip your desk with both hands, then slowly push your chair back. Keep going until your face is between your arms, looking down at the floor. Pause for a moment in this position, then pull yourself back toward your desk. Go slowly, or you may find yourself causing a different kind of computer crash. Repeat this back and forth movement 10 to 15 times in one set.