Breast augmentations are on the rise in Britain — despite the recession.

A record 9,430 women opted for the operation last year — a ten percent uplift from 2009.
But as girls tried to replicate voluptuous figures like that of Mad Men TV star Christina Hendricks, statistics showed that men wanted to get something off their chests.

The number of men having breast reduction surgery rose a staggering 28 per cent, with 741 going under the knife in 2010.

Cosmetic surgery procedures overall rose five percent last year in the U.K. according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

Male brow lifts and male nose jobs both rose 13 per cent. Facelifts proved popular among men and women, with an average rise of 12 per cent for both genders.

The few operations to lose popularity included tummy tucks, down 7.5 percent, and pinning back ears, down 17 percent.

Fazel Fatah, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS chief said, "The public's interest in aesthetic surgery remained strong in spite of the economic downturn. Procedures showing the more considerable rise seem to be concentrated on the most visible areas."

The number of operations carried out by BAAPS members has risen from 10,738 in 2003 to 38,274.

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