Conjoined twins in critical condition after delivery in Georgia

A set of conjoined twins were delivered as scheduled Monday, in Augusta, Georgia. The two boys were listed in critical condition.

Brittany Crafton, 26, gave birth to Chandler and Chance by cesarean section at Georgia Regents Medical Center, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

During her second ultrasound, Crafton learned that the boys share a heart. The first sonogram showed them embracing, which led her to decide to continue the pregnancy, the news channel reported.

"How could you do something to two little babies, just looking like they're hugging each other?" Crafton told Fox 5 Atlanta.

The twins also share a liver, suffer from clubfoot and have a dislocated hip, but were given a good prognosis for survival. According to the hospital, they can only be surgically separated if one of the babies receives a donor heart.

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