Company offers patients cheaper way to obtain prescription drugs

A New York startup company wants to make the process of obtaining prescription drugs easier and cheaper for patients across the nation— including those people who don’t have health insurance. Blink Health, founded by brothers Geoffrey and Matthew Chaiken, boasts savings of up to 95 percent on more than 15,000 different medications including Prilosec, Propecia and Xanax.

To start, patients log on to the website and search for their prescription by typing in the drug name. Once Blink Health finds the drug, patients pay for it online or through an app, and obtain a Blink Card which acts as a proof of purchase. Patients can then present the card to their local pharmacist when picking up their prescription and pay nothing at the pharmacy. The website requires no membership fees and allows patients to cancel purchases at any time.

The Chaikens said 50 percent of prescription drugs the website offers are less than $10 and that even with a strong insurance plan it’s possible to save more through Blink Health. The company says it keep costs low through collective purchasing.

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