A New York City tattoo partner is speaking out against a trendy body modification— snake eyes. The tongue piercing, which looks like two separate piercings, is a curved bulbar that penetrates horizontally through the tongue.

TJ Cantwell, the owner of Studio 28, told Bustle that the piercing is “incredibly unsafe.”

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"It binds together the 2 muscles that make up the tongue so they cannot move independently,” Cantwell told Bustle.

The jewelry, which spans across the two “holes,” sits on the back of the wearer’s teeth, which can lead to gum erosion, cracking and chipping of teeth, and migration of the piercing that leaves unattractive scars, he said.

Cantwell said that other hazardous piercings include dermal anchors or micro dermals on the hands or lower forearms, as the wearer risks getting them caught on clothing and ripped out of the skin.