Child's Scream Causes Woman to Go Deaf

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A woman sought damages for physical and mental suffering after she became deaf on a flight when a 3-year-old child screamed near her ear, the Australian Associated Press reported.

Jean Barnard was flying to Darwin, Australia on a Qantas plane when a 3-year-old boy allegedly leaned across the seat and screamed so loudly, blood erupted from her ears.

Barnard, 67, said she was in so much pain she didn’t realize she was deaf at first.

Barnard’s lawyer argued in a Los Angeles civil court that Qantas should be held responsible because the plane’s crew did not "take all the necessary precautions to prevent the accident that resulted" in Barnard’s injury.

Qantas’ legal team said Barnard had a hearing problem before she boarded the plane, and any further injuries were caused by the child’s screams.

The two parties reached a confidential settlement out of court.

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